Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update etadpU

A lot of projects have been coming my way, which means more gold coins in my pocket. (Or gold rings if you are a hedgehog fan. I had the best of both worlds.)

So my actual site development has taken a small monthly break. I promise by next week I will be up and running. Hopefully I can finish this MVC3 contest soon and get straight to working on the site. I have some story boards to finish up too...sigh... (Not complaining.)

I've been painting a lot so I should post some of that work...actually... I take that back. I think some works of art should be saved for when ppl see you or actually meet you in person. So, if you want to see what's in my sketch book, you have to meet me in person. That's not to say that I wont post a few things from it on the site. I just think one should save some of their work for real eyes to see. -insert monster hunter shrug-