Monday, August 29, 2011

Lack of interaction.

Currently I am working with The Regiment with their website, ablum art and other art related things.  It is truly a blessing that they found my work online and added me to the team.  I have been rather busy with projects (check out the site) which explains my absence here on the blog.  I am thinking about tumblr as well.  I've had an account for a year or so and never did anything with it.  I am happy that a lot of illustration projects are coming in with the graphic design stuff.  It sucks not working directly what you went to school for but I love everything that deals with art.  

I have decided that it is time for my comics to be released.  Not sure where or how I will post these.  I may have to make another button for my portfolio page.  I am thinking about posting them here and on tumblr. I have my stories already but I need to fine tune... Until then I will just try to post random musings here.