Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally up!!! is finally up and running!

What's left to be done:
Fix the audio button...stopped working for some reason
File and organize each gallery
Change background
Continue to look for bugs

Blog changes:
I need to change the color of my blog to a more cooler gray. This warm gray was my original choice but I deviated from that.

I need to set up my account on Soundcloud and also link my deviantart and pixiv pages to my site. Just small things but I am glad the big parts are done!!

Good morning...but good night for me. I am going to bed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Week

Finally, the last week of waiting. My portfolio page will be in construction. I have a lot of files to find and resize. So, the pages in progress will lead back to here or maybe just directly to the portfolio.

Happy Day.

PS Site will be up tonight/ tomorrow morning. (Depends on your location.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

... I need ice cream

Tech support responds to my plea of help with an email that has a lot of text making the task seem impossible for an non scripter such as myself, only to say they can do it for a fee. At this point I have decided to go with plan B. Temporarily I will use the same gallery that is here until I redo all these XML files. Too bad they don't use the same coding. -sigh-

In other news...for about a month I have adopted an imaginary cat, Kitakun. He is gray and white with a red scarf. If you see him...just hand him a cookie or he will follow you and take your markers. I cannot reveal where he learned such a skill...ehem... Just hand over your cookies. No raisins!