Tuesday, March 1, 2011

... I need ice cream

Tech support responds to my plea of help with an email that has a lot of text making the task seem impossible for an non scripter such as myself, only to say they can do it for a fee. At this point I have decided to go with plan B. Temporarily I will use the same gallery that is here until I redo all these XML files. Too bad they don't use the same coding. -sigh-

In other news...for about a month I have adopted an imaginary cat, Kitakun. He is gray and white with a red scarf. If you see him...just hand him a cookie or he will follow you and take your markers. I cannot reveal where he learned such a skill...ehem... Just hand over your cookies. No raisins!

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Donut Monster said...

No icecream was consumed during the publishing of this post.